My Best Friend & Me Pet CBD

CBD Hemp Oil and CBD for Cats Set

My Best Friend & Me Pet CBD

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1 oz (30 mL) bottles

Take care of yourself and your pet with CBD rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil blended with organic hemp seed oil. Support healthy aging while calming aches, pains, and anxiety. Everything is better when we do it together. 

CBD Hemp Oil and CBD for Cats Set

Premium Organic CBD for Health & Vitality

This set includes a bottle of full spectrum CBD oil for humans and a pet hemp and health blend. The whole plant power of CBD and THC plus hundreds of full spectrum hemp actives can support inflammation, healthy sleep, and relaxation. The special CBD Pet Formula can help support healthy aging, soothe aches, and pains, and calm anxiety in dogs and cats.

Montana Pure Organic CBD Oil for Dogs


Cannabinoids are hemp actives that interact with our pet's endocannabinoid system and other molecular targets to support inflammation, pain, anxiety, and health.


Support For

  • PAIN


Terpenes are phenolic actives that interact with molecular targets in the endocannabinoid system and to support health and immunity on a cellular level.


Primary Aromas

  • WOOD
  • HOPS

How to Use


Dogs have more endocannabinoid receptors than humans, so they need smaller doses of CBD oil per pound of body weight. Each bottle has a marked calibrated glass dropper so you can get a consistent dose every time. For dogs we recommend:

Under 30lbs: .5mL

30-80lbs: .5-1mL

80+ lbs: 1-1.75mL


750mg CBD Tincture (30mL) 25mg CBD + 1mg THC per 1mL*

1500mg CBD Tincture (30mL) 50mg CBD + 2mg THC per 1mL*

300mg CBD Pet Oil (30mL) 10mg CBD + 0.4mg THC per 1mL*

* Cannabinoid amounts are approximated based on the most recent certificates of analysis.

For Best Results

Our CBD hemp oil is blended with cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Our pet hemp and health blend is just as pure, active, and natural as our Human CBD.

  • Shake Shake
  • Measure Measure
  • Dispense Dispense
  • Shake bottle before use
  • Select desired dose
  • For humans drop under tongue and hold 4 minutes
  • For pets drop into food or onto a treat
  • For topical use, apply a few drops to skin & massage until absorbed

Pure Hemp Oil Benefits

Humans and pets alike can experience the whole plant power of full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and hundreds of other beneficial phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-modulating properties.
The pet hemp and health blend duo support stress, sleep, pain management, skin regeneration, and so much more.

Vitality from the inside out.

Studies have shown that actives in full spectrum hemp oil can help:

Bring the body to homeostasis or balance -Decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol -Improve digestion -Balance hormones -Limit inflammation -Enhance collagen production -Improve sleep outcomes -And so much more

The skin, hair, and nails are a direct reflection of what's going on inside, making them a good visible marker for noting imbalances in the body. Supplementing with phytochemicals found in hemp oil can help you and your pet achieve wellness inside and out.

Organic Bioactive Ingredients You Can Trust

Pet hemp and health blend made from simple ingredients: Full spectrum organic hemp extract, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil.

Greenhouse Grown for Purity in Kalispell, Montana, USA

We grow with zero pesticides and zero chemical fertilizers for a completely natural, organic hemp plant. Once extracted, we leave our hemp oil in its vibrant, crude state. No heating. No distilling. No isolating. Just pure, active, natural CBD.

Fight Free Radicals & Oxidative Damage

Full spectrum hemp oil in our pet hemp and health blend harnesses the power of naturally ocurring cannabinoids, terpenes and other phenolic compounds. These compounds are antioxidants which neutralize free radicals to help prevent oxidative stress and inflammation.

Antioxidants work the same way in pets as they do in humans, balancing levels of stressors and returning the body to homeostasis.

3rd Party Tested & Lab Certified

Montana Pure Botanicals full spectrum hemp extract is laboratory tested by Fidelity Diagnostics in Missoula, Montana to validate cannabinoid and terpene content as well as ensure our product is free from pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals.

View certificates of analysis here.

My Best Friend & Me Pet CBD

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