Have you tried hemp CBD in 2021?  Maybe not...

Have you tried hemp CBD in 2021? Maybe not...

By Anne Sorensen on May 26, 2020

You get what you pay for.  This phrase is never truer than when you select a CBD Hemp Oil.

Have you tried it and feel like it didn’t do anything for you?  I’m wondering what and where you bought it... was it full spectrum, broad spectrum, or some form of isolate?  Did it come from the grocery store, gas station (!!!), dispensary, or online retailer?

We always recommend purchasing Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil products from a licensed hemp grower who also provides their Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from third party laboratories to demonstrate their quality and accountability to their customers. This protects you from purchasing a product that may claim it contains hemp extract or is organically grown but isn’t either. There are a lot of bad actors in the industry, unfortunately...

We founded Montana Pure Botanicals in June 2019 to address this very issue.  We wanted an organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil at a therapeutic potency and were having a hard time finding it! Hence, MPB was born.

We grow from the highest quality seed and harvest our plants by hand. Our oils are extracted in small batches using a clean, cold CO2 extraction process (the industry gold standard). Once extracted, we leave our hemp oil in its vibrant, crude state. No heating. No distilling. No isolating.

Our final product is a 100% hemp derived Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil that is pure, organic, and packed with beneficial compounds to give you a whole plant, entourage effect. Our products are laboratory tested by Fidelity Diagnostics in Missoula, Montana, and we post those COAs by batch number and expiration date right here on our website. You know exactly what is in your hemp oil, down to the last wonderful terpene!

We started this company with one mission in mind - to grow, harvest, and extract the purest organic CBD hemp oils in the world. Growing and producing here in the beautiful State of Montana, we believe we are doing just that!